Alpha Bar
Освежаващи напитки и коктейли за лятото

ALPHA бар предлага на своите посетители леки и освежаващи коктейли, запазена марка на хотел Thassos Grand Resort. Лоби барът ни е идеалното непретенциозно място с вътрешна част и градина, където може да разпуснете и да се насладите на летния бриз и неповторимата гледка към залива. Ако сте готови да опитате уникални по вкуса си, иновативни и майсторски приготвени коктейли, то ALPHA бар е правилното място.
Подгответе се за коктейлно приключение по време на Вашата почивка в Тасос! Гарантираме Ви, че то ще Ви ентусиазира и същевременно ще остави дълбок отпечатък във Вашето сърце.
За всички коктейли в менюто сме почерпили вдъхновение от местните традиции, а ако сте любители на плодове сме приготвили ароматни предложения, които да Ви накарат да почувствате страстта на Средиземноморието.
В бара имате възможност да слушате специално подбрана релаксираща музика и същевременно да се насладите на изглед към ефектните фонтани в Тасос Гранд Ризорт.
Представете си как се настанявате удобно във фотьойл на лоби бара в Thassos Grand Resort и наблюдавате замечтано морския пейзаж и пленителната гледка към полуостров Атон. Ако обичате да съзерцавате залеза и Ви се похапва нещо вкусно, при нас може да си поръчате и леки закуски!
Готови ли сте за приключение и забавление в хотела?
Работи от 8 ч сутринта до полунощ (08.00-00.00 ч)

5-звезден луксозен хотел със собствен плаж на Тасос

Thassos Grand Resort, Невероятно място за невероятни хора

Excellent holiday facilities

Excellent holiday facilities, good for families with kids. We had a little problem with the placement of the room we’ve initialy received but the staff was responsive and relocated us. Excellent tavern food, staff, landscape and accomodations!

Mircea A

Great place

A delightful place made with a lot of taste and style. One of the pearls of Thassos. The cuisine is excellent, everything is very tasty and does not lack variety. The service is perfect, the cleanness is on the level and completely covers the fi…

Димитър Д.

The right place for fatigued people who need a rest

A very relaxing stay, kind personnel at all levels that made our vacation pleasant and we left with the desire to revisit as soon as possible. This was our second, and, hopefully, not last visit of the resort. Thank you, all!

Osotiris, Sofia

Mamma Mia Classy Cocktails

Although the food is international, we tried as well native greek meals and we were amazed, especially the sweet treats are exquisite. We like most the drinks, cocktails but there are as well good non-alcohol. Some classic spirits like Negroni w…

Петя К.

Beautiful and luxury!

We think everything was fantastic! The food was splendid: we are vegetarians and the buffet with all the vegetables, bread and cheese, was perfect for us – we are also happy for the breakfast package even thou the restaurant put ham on our sandw…



It’s a gorgeous resort that deserves the 5-star rating. The rooms are spacious, equipped with king size beds and air conditioning, most of them have sea view, quality furniture, daily cleaning, bedclothes and towels are changed every day and the…


The best

It’s the best place I’ve visited in a while! The hotel is beautiful and the view is gorgeous. Everything is organised excellently, especially the restaurant where the manager (Yiannis) is the best manager that I’ve ever seen. Everybody are kind…


Very good resort

Very good hotel surrounded by breathtaking nature. The room was nice, clean with an amazing view. The swimming pool is great. The stuff was friendly, helpful and very kindly. The breakfast was really good and the service was excellent. I highly

Galina M

The best holiday resort in Thassos!

The hotel rooms are very functional and well designed. The mattresses are the best in a hotel room we ever slept on. All hotel areas are clean and the garden is well maintained. The food was very delicious and the staff in the main restaurant is…

Kostadin M

Great Experience

When I arrived at first to Thassos Grand Resort I was sceptic at first, but first 2 hours changed my perception on hotel. Food was great, beds were comfortable, rooms pretty and entertaiment was top-notch. I highly recommend it to everyone who i…